4 comments on “This is the first public library without any books

  1. For the techno wiz, this may seems like heaven but what about the disadvantages of having a fully electronic library? No books? What a nightmare! I know for sure I wont be happy about it, I love kicking back and flipping my pages.

    Yes times are changing and we all need to keep up and accept the fact that technology is skyrocketing but what happens in the event of blackouts and power failure? Books will always be a very important aspect of any library, no laptop or tablet is ever going to change that. It is a good idea to include technology and ‘save the trees’ and all that, but please, lets not turn our backs on the good old fashioned hard copies.

    • I understand the point that you are making Luvern, I think that there must be a balance between the “Traditional old Fashion Library” and the electronic library. I myself love to read the hard copies books but eBooks are also very interesting. Indeed there must be a point of equilibrium between the advancement of technology and the old fashion library.

  2. I love the concept of a Digital Library without physical books. This has brought back some academic memories to my mind, at the beginning of the ‘Computer Application for Libraries” online course there was a video clip talking about the role and function of libraries in light of the massive technological evolution.I think that for libraries to be relevant to the users they must get on board with the technologies. One may ask what the role of the librarians are, are they needed? The answer to this question is certainly because they are trained to interpret information.
    This is such a great library, I love it!!!

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